Maps of Local Hike Routes



All routes depicted in these maps are hiking and mountaineering routes. Hiking and mountaineering are inherently dangerous outdoor activities. The hiker/mountaineer will be exposed to a variety of hazards and risks, some foreseen and some unforeseen, which are intrinsic to this sport and can not be eliminated. These inherent hazards and risks include, but are not limited to serious personal injury, property damage, and death. The maps shown are based upon USGS 7.5 maps and they contain errors. Some, but not all, of the errors are due to changing conditions such as fires, land slides, private property issues, impassable/unsafe roads, etc. The routes and waypoints depicted on these maps are meant as a general guide only. The routes shown do not reduce or eliminate any of the inherent risks and hazards of this activity.

Therefore, by downloading and using the maps and depleted routes, you, the map user, agree to the following:
1. You are solely responsible for your own safety, actions and decisions in regards to the use of the maps and the depleted routes.
2. The authors of the depicted routes and maps assume no responsibility or liability for your safety or well-being.

Below you will find two links.  The first one is the file that contains the map of some of the routes the local Hikes Committee has done over the years.  To use the file you must own and have installed on your computer National Geographic's California Series 3x software/cdrom.  The software is available for purchase at many recreational stores.  After you clink on this link, the TOPO software will open displaying the route file.  You must save the file using TOPO if you want to access it at another time.  The second file is the copyright agreement that allows the posting of the map file on this site.


Map File

local hikes agreement.pdf