A surprise on Moses Mountain

Monday, July 29, 2013
From Chapter reports

Deep in the Golden Trout Wilderness is a rock scramble called Moses Mountain. Chapter leaders Virgil Shields and Ann Pedreschi summited the peak in the Western Sierra on July 24 -- and discovered more than gorgeous views and a great climb.

The peak register was marked as "Sierra Club Register No. 102" and indicated that it was placed there by the Sierra Peaks Section of the Sierra Club on June 16, 1963.

And then there were some very familiar names. Longtime leader and Chapter volunteer Lori Ives as well as Jerry Keating and John W. Robinson, author of the
hiking bible "Trails of the Angeles: 100 Hikes in the San Gabriels" and other hiking and history books.

Here are some photos from the trip -- of the peak and the registers.

Photos: (from the top) Ann Pedreschi en route to Moses Mountain.

Two views of the peak register: The front page (left) and signatures of some longtime Angeles Chapter members (right).

The view from Moses Mountain.

Photos courtesy Virgil Shields.
























Publicizing the location of old registers is a bad idea. Very few registers of that age are still on the peaks. They are being stolen faster than they are replaced. If you find a treasure like this, please keep it a secret. Harry Langenbacher - SPS Mountain Records Chair. Http://summitregister.org

When I read or hear of a hike or climb in the Sierra Nevada mountains I often wonder if my father had made that particular walk or hike. Though I went on many of Federico Grabiel's outings I still am trying to discover the many places he grew to love.

I met your father in the late 60's when he was still very active in the Sierra Club's West Los Angeles group. He helped me get motivated to go outdoors and appreciate nature. I joined the club and in '74 climbed Moses Mt as a BMTC training backpack. I don't know if Fred went to Moses Mt but I like to think part of your father's legacy was with me and with many other hikers and climbers that he inspired for many years.

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