New chief takes over Angeles Chapter's Leadership Training Committee

Monday, November 11, 2013
Jane Simpson

After 11-plus years of service, Leadership Training Chair Tina Bowman has turned over the reins of Leadership Training Committee to Anne Marie Richardson. A core element of the chapter's huge outings program, leadership training is the key to the future. Without leaders, there can be no hikes, backpacks, and many other activities sponsored by the Angeles Chapter. The passing of the ceremonial LTC Seminar coffee urn from Tina to Anne Marie was completed at the fall seminar in Costa Mesa. Outgoing chair Bowman received the 2012 Francis P. Farquhar Mountaineering Award that honors people who make significant contributions to mountaineering and "enhancement of the Club's prestige in this field."

The role of the LTC Chair is to oversee the chapter's training program at every level. During Tina's tenure, leadership has seen several significant changes in the ratings system for outings. Along with splitting up O rating into O-1 and O-2, M and E ratings have divided into full M, M-rock and M-snow, with same division for E. These changes have gone a long way towards helping to grow the outings program with more variety for the O level outings.  More leaders are now seeking advanced training, including LTC's Advanced Mountaineering Program (AMP) started by Dan Richter. Tina observes that the greatest reward "has been meeting and working with the rising stars of the Angeles Chapter's outings program, the new leader candidates. Their seriousness and enthusiasm about becoming excellent outings leaders is impressive, and it's great to see so many people volunteering for the club."
An M-rated leader, Anne Marie has been active with WTC for 15 years, more recently as a Group Leader for the San Gabriel Valley area and lecturer on Snow Travel. She has also served as LTC Vice Chair and was WTC SGV Area Chair. An avid rock climber and hiker, she leads outings for WTC and SPS.  
While also serving on the Outings Management Committee and continuing with WTC, Anne Marie's first seminar in her new role as LTC Chair will be April 12 at Eaton Canyon. These one-day events are where up-and-coming outings leaders get their start. Please click here for more information on becoming a Sierra Club leader.

Photo: Tina Bowman, right, hands off the "LTC seminar coffee urn" to incoming Leadership Training Chair Anne Marie Richardson.



Tina- Thanks for all years of dedication to the Sierra Club, you made a big difference with the hours and time spent. I know you made a difference with mine.
Anne Marie - you will do good. If I can help yell.....Jack

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