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Welcome to our New Members

Wasim Khan 2014
John Tevelein 2014
Phil Bates 2014
Sara Burns 2014
Tanya Roton 2013
Tohru Ohnuki 2013
Samantha Olsen 2013
Mat Kelliher 2013
Aaron Schuman 2013
Justin Bruno 2013
Jeremy Netka 2013
Homer Tom 2013

Recent Member Accomplishments

The Explorer Emblem (established in January, 2012) has been awarded to: Barbara Lilley, Ron Bartell, Terry Flood, Fred Johnson, Doug Mantle, Jerry Keating, Franklin Myers, Sue Henney, Vic Henney, Daryn Dodge and Gordon MacLeod

Emblem 586 Ron Eckelmann 25-Aug-13 Split Mtn
Emblem 585 Tom Sakowych 25-Aug-13 Split Mtn
Emblem 584 Neal Robbins 28-July-13 Split Mtn
Master Emblem 82 Nile Sorenson 1-Sep-12 Mt Ruskin
Master Emblem 81 Shane Smith 28-Jul-12 Nth Palisade
Senior Emblem 144 Shane Smith 28-Jul-12 Nth Palisade
Senior Emblem 143 Robert Ayers 20-Jul-00 Mt Ruskin
Geographic Emblem 4 Terry Flood 16-June-96 Three Sisters
Emblem 583 Robert Ayers 1-Aug-82 Nth Palisade
List Finish 73 John Hooper 3-Sep-11 Mt Gardiner
List Finish 72 Greg Gerlach 3-Sep-11 Mt Gardiner
List Finish 71 Chris Libby 12-Jul-11 Pilot Knob S
List Finish 70 Louise Wholey 13-Aug-11 Iron Mtn
List Finish 69 Corrine Livingston 2-Oct-10 Mount Starr King

Please watch this space for recent Member mountaineering accomplishments.

Membership Requirements

Membership in the SPS is open to any Sierra Club member who has climbed six peaks on the SPS Peak List. At least two of these must be climbed on trips scheduled by a Sierra Club entity. A current subscription to our newsletter, The Sierra Echo, is required. To apply, please complete the Membership Application Form and include a check for $10.00 made out to Sierra Peaks Section for a one year subscription to The Sierra Echo. For those renewing their membership, please fill out the 2014 SPS Echo Subscription and Renewal Form (Annual renewal date is April 30th).

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